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Using Telemarketing Software for Lead Generation

June 29, 2017
By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Pop culture has given telemarketing a bad reputation. It’s a common trope in television and movies: a family sitting down to dinner to be harassed by a telemarketer doing cold calls, and usually ending up getting berated in hilarious fashion. Cold calling has thus understandably been something that many in the sales force dread.

Despite this fact, there is evidence that, when applied strategically, cold calling can be an effective practice to generate new leads. It is thus a necessary part of any marketing and sales strategy. Managers just need to be smart when implementing their plan for cold calling, and take advantage of resources like telemarketing software to ensure that they get the best possible return on investment for the time and money they spend cold calling.

Call accounting and transcription services can be incredibly valuable for cold callers. They allow contact agents and managers to constantly evaluate both their own performance and the performance of their scripts. Searchable transcripts will make it easier to identify key words and phrases that had a positive impact on potential leads, as well as ones that turned them off. Managers can use call accounting solutions to constantly fine tune their cold call scripts and make them as effective as possible.

Telemarketing software can also be valuable to use when measuring results from cold calls. All cold calling campaigns need to be implemented with clearly defined goals that are specific, measurable, and made known to everyone throughout the office that is involved with the campaign. It is also much easier if they are quantifiable. Agents can then make use of telemarketing software to easily keep track of these goals and their progress, making it easy to see how the campaign is going. In addition, these goal results can be made public within the company, and turned into some sort of competition. Contests like these, with a strong incentive, always tend to increase agent productivity.

By smartly applying new age telemarketing software solutions, contact centers can take a much older practice like cold calling and make it effective in the 21st century. Marketers need not throw out this older practice but should instead refine it and bring it into modern times.