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How Call Recording Improves Inside Sales

July 11, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Reviewing call recordings to assess the effectiveness of inside sales should be an essential part of every sales organization’s process. That’s according to a recent VanillaSoft blog by Josiane Feigon, president of TeleSmart Communications.

Call recordings, she says, are a great tool to use in developing skills, training staff, and otherwise helping workers grow and learn. And she says that breaking down and analyzing the pieces of calls – such as the opening or the caller questioning part – is the ideal way to do that.

Additionally, as I’ve reported in the past, call recording also enables organizations to:

  • keep records for posterity and legal protection,
  • measure the success of initiatives such as specific campaigns and promotions, and
  • support their compliance efforts.

However, for all the upside of call recordings, there are some downsides, Feigon notes. One is that some laws and organizations ban or limit call recordings. And there are different call recording laws in different U.S. states, as well as in different countries throughout the world.

Also, call recording can be great for in-bound customer service calls, but is not typically a good match for outbound prospecting calls. Additionally, she says, reps are sometimes uncomfortable with being listened in on and criticized for their on-phone performance.

That said, when call recording is used in an appropriate and lawful way, and workers feel they are being encouraged rather than criticized via the review of recorded calls, Feigon indicates, organizations and their workers can rise to a whole new level.

According to Report Hive data released in June, CallRail, Five9, FluentStream Technologies, inContact, Kixie Web, Madwire, NewVoiceMedia (News - Alert), PhoneBurner, RingCentral, and Talkdesk are among the leading players in the global call recording software market. Meanwhile, Markets and Markets lists Cisco (News - Alert), IBM, Nectar Services Corp., Nexidia Inc., and NICE Systems as among the marketplace leaders. And it says that risk and compliance management is the major force driving investment in this space.

Edited by Alicia Young