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How to Maximize Your Telefundraising Efforts

August 09, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

The not-for-profit sector accounts for about 5 percent of GDP. Of course, fundraising over the phone is one means of raising funds for not-for-profit causes. A recent VanillaSoft blog talks about the benefits of using the phone for this purpose. And it offers tips on how to have the most success in these initiatives.

That author, BidPal Director of Marketing Joshua Meyer, advises organizations doing telefundraising to:

  • centralize contact information,
  • get permission before they call,
  • formulate concise and specific scripts or talking points,
  • identify and reach out to the low-hanging fruit,
  • consider asking for more than just money
  • keep the communications going

Meyer explains that organizations will do well to focus their efforts on calling those with whom they’ve had success – or at least positive interactions – in the past. That, he said, could include major donors, recurring donors, past event attendees, regular volunteers, survey respondents, and those who have expressed interest in organization events.

“In general, it’s a smart idea to store communication preference in your CRM and synch that information up with your auction or event fundraising software so it’s easy to view in one cental location,” he added.

In speaking with such individuals, Meyer said, organizations should be clear about their fundraising goal, the thinking behind the specific amount, why they set the dollar goal where it is, and what happens if they don’t reach that goal.

“Your phone call has the ability to make your cause feel present in your donors’ lives, just like your fundraising event can,” he said.

Organizations, he said, should also consider asking for things besides cash donations. For example, they can also leverage these interactions to ask for:

  • donated products or services for an auction,
  • in-kind donations,
  • matching gifts,
  • sponsorship for an event
  • volunteers

And after events, he continued, organizations should be sure to make follow-up calls to thank participants, seek feedback, encourage giving, and create sustained relationships. During those calls, he said, organizations should work to encourage donors and event attendees to automate their donations going forward.

Edited by Alicia Young