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Businesses Should Ask, Listen, Research & Share

August 14, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

The human is a social animal. Most people, as we all know, enjoy sharing. Just look at the popularity of Facebook (News - Alert), Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter.

Yet, in business, we sometimes forget to ask our customers what they want and need. We may not share such information within our organizations. And we don’t always do the advance work to understand the market forces at play in the industries in which our customers and prospects compete.

That’s too bad, because that can lead to lost opportunities for businesses and their customers. But a new blog from VanillaSoft offers tips on how businesses can improve in these areas, and how they and their customers stand to benefit.

The efforts described in this blog contain a mix of things management can be doing and an array of questions salespeople should consider asking in their conversations with customers and prospects.

For management, conducting surveys, getting familiar with industry trends and statistics, reading articles by trade blogs and magazines, and interacting with salespeople to gather their insights and share what management has learned are all great ways to improve sales, according to VanillaSoft.

Using surveys to ask current clients how their purchases have improved business, what they think is most valuable about the solutions your company has provided, and how you can be doing things better can all be highly valuable both in building customer loyalty and winning new clients.

Meanwhile, VanillaSoft points out, doing your research using industry trade publications and other sources can help you learn about requirements and spending trends in various industry verticals. And it can help you identify areas in which your company may have the best luck upselling customers.

Of course, that research only pays dividends if you communicate it to your salespeople and provide them with the tools and training they need to deliver on these needs and trends. As noted above, salespeople can also go a long way in identifying what customers want, or at least the painpoints they have. And that can help your organization know how to improve, upsell most effectively, and engineer future solutions.

To get specific tips on things salespeople can do to help the cause – and increase their sales and strengthen their relationship with customers in the process – click here.

Edited by Alicia Young