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Missouri and Charter Communications Reach Settlement On No-Call Violations

September 01, 2017
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Charter Communications (News - Alert), known for its Internet, cable, and phone services, just settled a lawsuit in Missouri for $225,000. The company is said to have breached state and federal no-call telemarketing laws, a claim that Charter vehemently denies.

“While we continue to deny the allegations that were made in the lawsuit, we’re pleased to resolve this dispute. We remain focused on our customers, and providing them with the best products and highest quality service,” Charter said in a statement.

Former Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was the one to file this particular lawsuit in 2015, after his office received 350 no-call complaints. All of these complaints were directly related to Charter’s telemarketing services which were deemed harassing. The concept of a no-call list is to ensure that consumers do not get unwanted phone calls from solicitors. The only way a company can call someone on the no-call list is if they are currently a customer; however, if the consumer asks for the calls to stop, telemarketing operations are should oblige. One customer complained that she received around five calls a day, despite requests for Charter to cease.

Terms have been set up for Charter as to avoid any further happenings of this sort, according to new Attorney General Josh Hawley. “I look forward to the continued cooperation of Charter in this endeavor," Hawley added. The attorney general is no stranger to this type of complaint. Telemarketing calls, especially unwanted and harassing ones, annually rank highest on the complaints list that the attorney general will deal with.

Many companies use telemarketing software and automatic dialers to make initial contact with targets and, while some are set up to call virtually all number combinations, no-call lists can easily be excluded from those calling schemes.  The software, in fact, is designed to make it easier to comply with telemarketing regulations.

Edited by Erik Linask