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Vonage Automates SMS to Improve Automated Communication

November 17, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

As cloud-based capabilities continue to evolve and dominate communications landscape, customer engagement must follow suit.  Many of today’s digital natives, in fact, strongly prefer alternative communications channels, as opposed to traditional voice.  So, not only are cloud-based and API-driven capabilities trendy, they address the requirements of a growing percentage of the working (and purchasing) population.

Following that trend, Vonage (News - Alert) recently unveiled VonageReach, an SMS Automation Platform aimed at offering the enterprise a complement to the Vonage UCaaS suite capable of streamlining, automating and targeting messages to current and prospective clients.

Since the Nexmo acquisition, Vonage is making sure to get the most return from its investment, as the API platform is a key component of Vonage’s long range plan of creating packaged business communications applications for the enterprise. VonageReach signifies a strong step in that direction. The new offering provides robust functionality in a turnkey fashion.

Messaging is done so in a personal, contextual and customizable way, and can incorporate other channels – this is an omnichannel world after all – like email, voice and social media. VonageReach leverages a company’s lead or customer database, associates each person with interests, behavior and preferences to automate messaging and ensure relevance.

"The addition of VonageReach to our robust product portfolio enables our business customers to send automated and personalized contextual messages to customers and leads in real-time," said Omar Javaid, Vonage Chief Product Officer. "By using our Nexmo API Platform to create this packaged solution, we are complementing our UCaaS offering with powerful and easy-to-use SMS capabilities to help businesses convert more leads, engage with customers in more meaningful ways, and streamline operations to help drive better business outcomes."

Nowadays it seems everyone is all about API, this relatively old tool is seeing some serious time in the sun. VonageReach is a shining example, and with more to come from Vonage, only time will what’s next.

Are your business communications cloud-based?

Edited by Erik Linask