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Always Be Closing with a Solid Sales Cadence

December 08, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Sales require a certain rhythm and workflow. Are prospects being called? Are they being called at the right time, or with the proper frequency? These are all questions a telemarketing team manager wrestles with regularly, well, those without an appropriately developed sales cadence. A sales cadence delivers a framework for each step of the customer journey, guiding the sales workflow and taking the guesswork out of the process. Today we’ll discuss a few tips for those developing a sales cadence.

For starters, standardize workflow and make sure to track metrics. With all sales members using a standardized process, leverage a telemarketing software solution to track and provide real-time reporting as to tweak workflows toward best practice. Paired with a sales engagement platform, leads high quality leads are diagnosed and addressed, ensuring the best possible chances of sales success.

When crafting workflows, it is important to ensure they usher customers through the sales funnel. Create a map of prospects, and sculpt a schedule for interactions – leveraging all channels – with templates in place for each step of the journey.

The sales structure is different from product to product, and based on audience a sale could take place after the first or the 15th interaction, so it is integral to keep this front of mind when mapping out prospects and drawing up workflows. Adjust cadence accordingly.

In life, they say timing is everything; the same holds true for sales. Knowing your customer makes it far easier to walk the fine line of annoyance and attention grabbing, hopefully catching a prospective at the optimal interval across channels. There’s certainly no silver bullet here, so make sure to do your due diligence during your sales cadence creation process.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand, it is integral to coordinate efforts. Staying the course on the tight rope of annoyance and attention grabbing, if a prospective just found, and downloaded marketing materials it is mission critical to know your customer and pickup on context to know if now is the moment to make that sales call, or push it off for a few days.

The life of a salesman is not for everyone. But with the proper sales cadence in place, paired with the appropriate telemarketing software, anyone could always be closing.

What’s your sales cadence?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz