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New Year, New Marketing Goals

January 08, 2018
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

The best part of the turn of the year is not just the elaborate celebrations, but a chance to start over. Per tradition, we make resolutions to go to the gym, be more focused – mine was to drink more water. But for businesses, the New Year offers a chance for a reintroduction of the brand, especially with marketing tactics. Columnist, Joe Hyland consulted colleague, Jim Blackie, ON24’s chief revenue officer, to get better insight as to how to follow through on a successful business New Year’s resolution.

A major asset is the team that works within the company. They are the ones who will be coordinating, presenting, and executing whatever marketing campaigns have been developed. Data has always been an important goal for marketing strategists and teams, but it is how the data is presented that will truly make it successful.

The database must be cleaned – a big undertaking – to ensure email or ABM (Account-Based Marketing) campaigns are directed to the proper audiences. To start the data cleansing, evaluate the contacts and when they first came to be. Those that can be disposed of are third-party data sources from more than two years ago. Additionally, check on how engaged the contacts are; are they just email clickers or have they been proactive with the company?

A proactive lead would be someone engaging in webinars, asks questions, and sought a free trial. If these tactics are outlined for the marketing team, it should help to create a cleaner, more efficient database. The right data, over being “data-driven,” is the desired goal for 2018, according to Hyland and Blackie.

While quantity is great, if half of the targets have never expressed an interest in your company, it’s wasted effort and works against productivity. That is why quality leads are of the utmost importance. Relying on the marketing department to seek out those that have actively participated in surveys, emailed inquires, etc. will help target the right and most beneficial leads.

Finally, buying from a company is not so straightforward and bland. There are a lot more ebbs and flows that go into it. If the team attempts to make the presentations during meetings and in emails blast more human and relatable, it will become more attractive. Buyers are not one-sided; they come in all shapes and sizes and, by recognizing this notion, marketing strategies can better be implemented.

New Year, new business strategies. 

Edited by Erik Linask