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What Lead Routing Software Can Do for You

January 30, 2018
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Making a sale can be hard. Especially when we’re talking about a high ticket price item. And particularly when it involves a somewhat technical offering.

It can involve a lot of baiting – with things like marketing materials and meetings – and a lot of waiting for the prospect to bite.

So when your company has a fish on the line, you want to be ready to reel it in. Or at least pull it a little bit closer to the boat.

That said, it’s really important to effectively route prospects and customers to the individuals and information that are best positioned to get them to the next level. Lead routing software help with that.

This kind of software can enable companies to more easily reach and exceed industry benchmarks relative to call productivity. In general, the average is handling eight to 10 calls an hour. But with a queue-based solution, sales development representatives can make an average of 24 calls an hour, says VanillaSoft’s Scott Amerson. He adds that coaching sales development representatives can also be an important part of the equation.

As Bryan Gonzalez, TOPO’s sales development analyst, writes that LinkedIn (News - Alert) has become the primary source of contact data for sales development teams. However, he adds that the social media network doesn’t provide the phone and email information SDRs need for outreach. And it doesn’t integrate with businesses’ systems like CRM and sales email applications.

He adds that it takes 18 or more dials to connect by phone with prospects. And, he notes, callback rates are below 1 percent.

“Despite its inefficiency, the phone remains a critical touch point in SDR outreach,” Gonzalez says. “As a result, technology vendors have responded with applications to automate sales phone activity.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle