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VanillaSoft Pushes the Envelope on Intuitive Call Routing

November 18, 2008
By Tim Gray - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

While many CRM tools often distract sales people from making the next best call, lead management solutions provider VanillaSoft's Push Lead call routing technology enables sales people to perform at the highest level of productivity.
The Dallas-based company’s Push Lead allows managers can now set up the system using pre- determined logic to literally “push” the next best lead with all the relevant prospect or customer information out to the appropriate sales person, according to the company.

“This software provided an immediate increase in production by allowing us to better service our customers while optimizing the effectiveness of our sales staff,” said Leah Mirone of Lincoln Mortgage. “My team loves VanillaSoft because it's fast and easy and it frees up more time to spend on revenue-generating activity."
VanillaSoft’s call center software is designed for outbound marketing campaigns, but also offers inbound and blended capabilities. The Telemarketing Software channel keeps readers and industry insiders up to date on all the latest news and trends within the space.
According to VanillaSoft, the Push Lead technology brings greater efficiency to the calling process by:
  • Making it simple for sales people to execute
  • Limiting the distractions and increasing call volume
  • Increasing calling productivity by 20 percent or more, even with manual dialing
  • Giving greater control to the managers to properly route calls
  • Enabling managers to assign leads to specific sales team members or groups
  • Prioritizing leads in order of call importance
  • Ensuring compliance with local calling laws and all federal and state DNC regulations
  • Automatically handling scheduled call backs
In fact, VanillaSoft's patented Push Lead technology allows customers to take full control over their sales organization, from a globally dispersed sales force to smaller, independent businesses with a sales team of five or more.

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Edited by Tim Gray