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VanillaSoft CEO Talks Key Solutions for Sales Transitions: Interview

April 15, 2010
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

One thing that is consistent in today's economy is change. With a new outlook on global markets and trends in spending, more and more companies are moving their outside sales teams to inside sales initiatives. With this transition, companies have to take a whole new approach to how they market.

To help with this migration, telemarketing software and lead management software provider VanillaSoft offers a full range of services that enable an inside sales team to be successful. VanillaSoft President and CEO Ken Murray recently sat down with TMC's Erik Linask (News - Alert) in a video to discuss this evolution in the market, challenges companies face and how VanillaSoft helps them overcome challenges.

One of the key elements for these companies making such transitions is to understand how best to move their products over the telephone versus in-person sales. At the same time, much of the activity is taking place within a contact center and the company must be able to anticipate how customers will adjust to the new platform.

Companies need solutions that will enable a change in the process that is as seamless as possible and can also deliver results. Most are turning to a salesforce automation-type software that can deliver CRM.

"Companies initially always seem to migrate to the term CRM because that is a term they know and they are comfortable with," Murray said. "That's what everybody hears. After they kind of go down that road they realize there are all these others things they want to do," We can give you the functionality of the core CRM features, but we can also do all those more aggressive things that allow inside sales to become more productive."

Murray also highlighted that customer companies are often looking for a variety of different services from a company like his, but one thing everyone tends to love is real-time reporting.

Managers want to be able to see what is happening, when it is happening. Leads are being created in real-time and they are often expensive leads, so they need to know they are getting into the system and being deployed to the salesperson and that the salesperson is actually making the call.

Customers are looking for some form of progressive or autodialing. In new inside sales situations, there is a tendency to look at a lead too long and the salesperson will talk themselves out of calling on the lead. A desired system is one where the lead will arrive and the number is dialed at the same time.

Social media is something Murray is also watching, but many in this space are still trying to get their heads around it and how it will impact their industry. Even with the influence social media has on a market, at the end of the day someone still has to call someone to make something happen. With VanillaSoft solutions, those calls can be easily made and sales goals achieve.

To get more on Murray's insight into this market and the exciting solutions offered by VanillaSoft, check out the video in full.

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