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Fastbase Delivers Lead Generation AdWords Add-on
Fastbase Inc. now offers a Google AdWords add-on that simplifies the creation of AdWords campaigns and makes it easy to view leads from those ads in r…

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Marketing to Become Contextually Relevant
Marketing, in recent years, has become less art and more science. Indeed, the area of marketing automation has taken off in a big way. That has enable…

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Florida Man Guilty in $3.3 Million Telemarketing Scam
Daniel Martin Boyar, aka "Wolf," or Orlando, Florida, has pleaded guilty to for participating in a telemarketing scheme. The aim of this scheme was to…

Telemarketing Software
Always Be Closing with a Solid Sales Cadence
A sales cadence delivers a framework for each step of the customer journey, guiding the sales workflow and taking the guesswork out of the process. To…

Telemarketing Software
'Tis the Season for Scams to Soar
A recent study from First Orion released this week illustrated that with nearly 2.5 billion phone calls made every month there is much in the way of l…

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Thunder Bay Residents Subject to Telemarketing Extortion Scams
Residents of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada are the latest victims of the telemarketing scam craze and authorities are issuing warnings.

Telemarketing Software
TransNexus: Tests Prove Caller Authentication Efficacy
TransNexus has completed testing, proving the effectiveness of, and its interoperability with, caller authentication standards.

Telemarketing Software
Vonage Automates SMS to Improve Automated Communication
Not only are cloud-based and API-driven capabilities trendy, they address the requirements of a growing percentage of the working (and purchasing) pop…

Telemarketing Software Using AI for Business Forecasting
Utah-based announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning benefits for the latest installments of its Predictive Powe…

Telemarketing Software
Why Salespeople Should Prospect with Texting
A new VanillaSoft blog suggests that salespeople should consider using text communications for their prospecting. But it notes that individuals who do…

Telemarketing Software
Fraudulent Debt Scheme Directed at Spanish Speaking Consumers
Telemarketing fraud schemes are impacting everyone. Just last month, President Donald Trump signed a bill protecting elders from telemarketing and ema…

Telemarketing Software
PACE Puts Puerto Rico in USA DNC Regulatory Guide
This week, The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) announced the addition of Puerto Rico to the USA DNC Regulatory Guide. Known as…

Telemarketing Software
No-Call App Developed to Report Unwanted Telemarketers
Beginning November 1, smartphone users can download the MS No Call app, free of charge. "Typically, people (on the no-call list) get mad when they get…

Telemarketing Software
Managing Robocalls During the Holiday Season
As the holiday season is quickly approaching, businesses are eager to start selling goods. Beware of shady telemarketing practices, though.

Telemarketing Software
President Trump Signs Bill to Protect Elders From Telemarketing Fraud
Senior citizens have become a prime target of fraudulent activity. A bill signed by President Trump aims to protect that demographic.

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CBS: FTC's Efforts to Fight Robocalls 'Significant'
A recent report by CBS News documents Congressional testimony by the Federal Trade Commission about the agency's progress in eliminating - or at least…

Telemarketing Software
Santa Barbara Elders Target of Increased Telemarketing Scams
There has been a dramatic rise in telemarketing scams directly aimed at senior citizens with scammers posing as local residents or government official…

Telemarketing Software
NICE Enhances Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence and WFM
NICE announced AI (artificial intelligence) will enhance business forecasting systems. The utilization of the NICE Workforce Management (WFM) solution…

Telemarketing Software
SpendEdge Releases Global Telemarketing Research Report
Recently, SpendEdge announced the release of its Outbound Telemarketing Procurement Market Research Report. The report was filled with data and analys…

Telemarketing Software
Telemarketing Fraudsters Ordered to Pay $6M+
A judge at the FTC's request recently fined telemarketing fraudsters more than $6 million.

Telemarketing Software
Dialing Services Fined $2.8 Million for Violating TCPA
Dialing Services, LLC has been fined $2.8 million after the FCC found them in violation of the TCPA for robocalling.

Telemarketing Software
Why Cold Calling Still Makes Sense
Telemarketing is alive and well. But to make it work, you have to do it right.

Telemarketing Software
Maryland Telemarketer Arrested on $50 Million Mail Fraud Scheme
A Maryland man has been arrested for a $50 million telemarketing and mail fraud scheme that could land him up to 25 years in prison.

Telemarketing Software
How to Create a Great Telemarketer
GSA Business Development explains that with training, the correct tools, and advanced planning, organizations can position their telemarketers - espec…

Telemarketing Software
Missouri and Charter Communications Reach Settlement On No-Call Violations
Charter Communications has settled with Missouri in regards to alleged no-call violations after supposedly breaching state/federal laws.

Telemarketing Software
How to Improve Sales
VanillaSoft blog offers tips on how to improve sales. Most people love to offer their suggestions for how things can be improved. Yet it's seldom tha…

Telemarketing Software
How Well Do You Know Your Customer?
Customer service is a critical component to the success of any business. After all, poor customer service can decrease business from repeat customers.…

Telemarketing Software
Businesses Should Ask, Listen, Research & Share
A new blog from VanillaSoft offers tips on how businesses can improve in these areas, and how they and their customers stand to benefit. The efforts d…

Telemarketing Software
How to Maximize Your Telefundraising Efforts
A recent VanillaSoft blog talks about the benefits of using the phone for fundraising and how to get best results in doing so.

Telemarketing Software
How to Improve Morale in Sales
VanillaSoft's Genie Parker offers tips on how sales leaders and reps can improve morale and sell more.

Telemarketing Software
The Key to Building a Healthy Sales Funnel
A recent VanillaSoft blog explains how to populate your sales funnel for future success.

Telemarketing Software
How to Improve Online Customer Service
An online transaction is so much less personal than the interaction that happens in a face to face scenario in brick and mortar establishments. Howeve…

Telemarketing Software
Why Texting is Good for Business
VanillaSoft explains why texting is becoming a preferred business communication medium.

Telemarketing Software
Telemarketing Software: Boosting Sales One Call at a Time
The thing about any successful telemarketer is that they most likely have reliable telemarketing software on hand that's helping them through each cus…

Telemarketing Software
Tips for Effective Fundraising Campaigns
A recent blog from VanillaSoft suggests that organizations write their own fundraising scripts - rather than borrowing from others - or working with o…

Telemarketing Software
VanillaSoft Offers Text Prospecting Best Practices
Businesses may want to use texting but they need to be careful in how they approach this medium.

Telemarketing Software
How Call Recording Improves Inside Sales
Reviewing call recordings to assess the effectiveness of inside sales should be an essential part of every sales organization's process, according to …

Telemarketing Software
The Need for Personalization in Sales Calls
Everyone within the marketing realm knows about the four P's, whether they're a telemarketer or customer service agent. However, Shep Hyken, a custome…

Telemarketing Software
Why Telemarketing Still Has Value
Some may doubt that telemarketing can still be a useful marketing tool, but with the right telemarketing software and conditions, it can be valuable.

Telemarketing Software
Call Monitoring: The Backbone of Agents and Sales Reps
3rd party remote call monitoring is applicable in several scenarios. However, it's most useful in telemarketing and the call center. Some agents or sa…

Telemarketing Software
Using Telemarketing Software for Lead Generation
New advances in telemarketing software are changing the way that leads are generated.

Telemarketing Software
Tackling the Price Objection: Telemarketing's Biggest Fight
Price is one of the most frequently-cited telemarketing objections, but there are ways to beat it and make sales.

Telemarketing Software
Help Your Inside Sales Team Overcome Prospects' Objections
Customer objections tend to fall into five categories: need, relationship, authority, product/service and price.

Telemarketing Software
Go Beyond the Sales Script in Telemarketing
Telemarketing operations need to know the value that a sales script can have, and when it's time to go off-script to get the best value.

Telemarketing Software
How Telemarketing Software Helps Sales Reps Conquer Their Fears
Telemarketers face rejection every single day because of cold calling. Fear largely stems from the unknown, and a sales rep never knows who's going to…

Telemarketing Software
How to Track and Validate Website Sales Leads by Marketing Channel
If there's a faulty link anywhere in your company's supply chain, it can fall apart quickly. A dysfunctional warehouse, unreliable carrier or any othe…

Telemarketing Software
Email Templates Are Important to Sales Strategy
Marketing automation or telemarketing solutions provide a variety of email templates that salespeople can use to address different opportunities, such…

Telemarketing Software
Don't Be a Nuisance: Use Telemarketing Software
There are plenty of benefits to using telemarketing in sales, but none of them matter if companies don't market to the right audience. That's where te…

Telemarketing Software
Integrating Telemarketing Before, During and After Marketing Campaigns
Marketing campaigns are important, but they can only go so far in reaching out. Waiting for customers to come to you isn't going to work for you for v…

Telemarketing Software
Technology and Talent are Key Ingredients for Successful Call Centers
The right blend of sales agent talent and technology are the key ingredients for a productive and efficient call center.


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